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Hindustani Vocals

What you will Learn

Music is a part of our art and culture which has a rich legacy. Hindustani classical music is the very popular music in the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent. It may also be called North-Indian classical music or, in Hindustani, Shastriya Sangeet (śāstriya saṅgīt). Hindustani music originated during the Vedic period. And it is developed with Sanskrit language scripts in itself and came through Vedic traditions.

Course detail

1.Introduction to Indian classical music

2.Theory of Hindustani classical Music

3.Vocal warm-up and Breathing exercises

4.Introduction to Swaras, Aalap and Thaat and Raagaz

5.Bhajans, Bollywood Singing, and classical Singing

6.Kajri, Dhrupad, or Thumri songs 

Group classes
6 Classes in a month of 1 hour each.

Maximum 6 students in a group

Private Classes*
6 classes in a month of an hour each.
*Note that this course is customizable.

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