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The Music  Box Adventure

Age group 3-6 years 

This music class is to help our future musicians to get a head start. We will introduce various activities that help children connect with and understand music without having to go too deep into theory.
This course will help children get involved with music at a young age and enjoy the process through fun activities.


Lesson plan

1. Listening to different genres of music [all age appropriate] and teaching them to sing.

2. Introducing children to aural music by asking children to repeat the rhythm and melody pattern given to them.

3. Drawing symbols and acting according to what that symbol denotes.

4. Playing a piece of music and asking them to draw according to what they feel the music shows.

5. Playing several sounds [eg instruments] and ask them to identify what the sound is.

6. Play a game where one person starts with a melody line and the others follow and make a phrase.

7. Teach the kids solfege and have them learn pitches in both major and minor keys.

8. Playing a piece of music and letting them explore movements based on rhythm and melody.

9. Create music using online tools for kids

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