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Don't think of calligraphy just as some sort of fancy writing. Calligraphy, is not just about beautiful handwriting, but goes much deeper than that. For one, it helps relieve stress. It also improves concentration and stimulates creativity, apart from helping to develop fine motor skills. Being able to create beautiful lettering can help you to feel better and confident.

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Faux Calligraphy

Quality Assured

Join this class and take your calligraphy skills to the next level and get hands-on experience by completing and sharing your own calligraphy projects.

What will you learn

  1. Introduction to faux calligraphy and its materials

  2. Learn how to create beautiful letters

  3. Basic strokes,  Alphabets, Lower upper case,

  4. Word making

  5. Decoration 

  6. Flourishing letters 

  7. Watercolor background 

Outcomes/Objectives Of The Classes:

●    Understand the basics of font 

●    Use the calligraphy skills to draw amazing letters on various surfaces. (Envelope, card, gifts, letters, etc.)

●    learn to create equal spacing between letters

●    Learn to maintain proportions of the letters

Image by Jay-Pee Peña 🇵🇭

Brush Pen Calligraphy

Exceptional Service

Brush lettering is a style of writing similar to calligraphy. With each letter, heavy pressure is applied on the downward stroke and light pressure is applied with every upward stroke. Because of the use of pressure and the appearance of the letters, brush lettering is commonly known as modern calligraphy.

What you will learn

  1. Basic and complex  Drills

  2. Upper & Lower case letters

  3. Word formation & alignment

  4. Quote planning  & outcomes

  5. Background techniques

  6. Bouncy letters

You can create beautiful handmade cards/stickers/bookmarks .


Doodle Calligraphy

Doodle calligraphy is easy to write and draw the words with different shapes and designs.

What you will learn

Basic strokes 

Design and pattern  

Different fonts (Upper & Lower case )

Up and down word formation 

Background techniques 

Final outcomes 



You can create beautiful doodle handmade letters with according size and shapes 

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