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Taekwondo is one of the most precise and logical Korean customary combative techniques, that shows more than physical battling aptitudes. It is an order that shows methods of improving our soul and life through preparing our body and brain. Today, it has become a worldwide game that has increased a global notoriety, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

What you will learn

Basic Stances


Kicks – various levels


Sparring – Kyurogi


Demo – Self Defense pattern including dance style.


Sub Juniors – Beginners – White Belts

Juniors – Yellow Belt and Green Belts with various levels

Seniors – Blue Belts, Red Belts & Red/Black Belts

Black Belts

Additional information

Belt Exam happens periodically for all levels.

Competition levels – District, State, National and International as well as all open competition including online competition.

Certification from Affiliated State, National and International Taekwondo bodies like Karnataka Taekwondo Association, World Taekwondo, Olympic Association of India etc.

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