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Though a little more time consuming, there are many benefits of handwriting your notes. 

When you write things out, you create spatial relations between each bit of information you’re recording and

activates parts of your brain involved in thinking and working memory, and allows you to store and manage information.

Handwriting forces your brain to mentally engage with the information, improving both literacy and reading comprehension. 

We encourage you to take up this handwriting course to develop your memory, motor and cognitive skills and critical thinking.

Image by Debby Hudson

What you will learn

About this course

Key points of Beautiful handwriting are simplicity, neatness and presentation. It is an ART indeed and

with regular focused practice any child can achieve it.

20 classes of 1 hour each + 4 free additional classes of practice and formal guidance sessions.

Our Focus Points

· Changing mindset ( Inspiration , healthy competition,) and developing strong desire

· Posture – correct distance of notebook and eyes.

· Careful study of letter formation

· Using correct pencils / pens

· Correct grip of pen and accurate movement of fingers with correct pressure

· Perfect position of notebooks

Regular practice, strong desire and accepting new corrected method of writing with dedication are very important qualities to improve handwriting. There is no shortcut.

Let’s write together and achieve the goal !

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