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The drum serves as the "keeper of the beat," laying the groundwork for the music's overall tone. One of the easiest instruments to play, a drum merely has to be struck to produce sound. If you like rhythm, come join our music class.

What you will learn

Beginner to Advance Drum Lessons



The Drum Kit, Setting up your Kit

Tuning your Drums, Posture, Sticks

The Matched Grip, The Stroke, The Bass Drum, Reading Music

A word about Rhythm.

Join the Band, Counting Time, Basic Rock Rhythm

Take a Rest, Play with your Band, Basic Drum Patterns, The Rhythm Section, Snare Drum Patterns

The Crash Cymbal, Snare and Bass drum Patterns

Drum Fills, Setting up the Hi-Hat, The Ride Cymbal

A Classic Rock Fill, Ghost Note Beats, Accents with Rim Stroke

Snare drum with Cross sticking, Opening and Closing of Hi-Hats

40 Rudiments

The Grand Finale

Care and maintenance

Foundation Rock & POP


Grade 1

Grade 2

Intermediate Lessons Rock & Pop

 Bass Drum Independence

Snare Drum Independence

Single Stroke Rudiments

Drum Roll Rudiments

Paradiddle Rudiments

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Advanced Lessons Rock & Pop

 Advanced Rock Drum Beats

Flam Based Rudiments

Drag Based Rudiments

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

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