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Western vocals

Learning to sing is a skill. Some are born with it where as some have to develop the talent. Having said that, even if we have the skill we need to learn how to use it and follow best practices for optimal vocal health and performance.  

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What you will learn

  • Application of good breathing habits and their effect on singing.

  • Body posture including placement of hands and positioning of the head for optimal sound quality.

  • Understanding the complete vocal anatomy and how to safely use the vocal chords to produce different quality and textures of sounds.

  • Phonation and how it affects singing.

  • The different registers and how to bridge.

  • The types of vocal modes

  • Tone, Pitch, Rhythm

  • Vocal Genres

Class details

We are conducting online classes at present. There are 6 classes in a month of an hour each. We provide group as well as private classes.

Our classes are a mix of theory and practical where emphasis is given more on the application of techniques.

We encourage parent teacher communication and 

activities/competitions in order to keep the learning curve growing.

Exam details

External Exam - RSL International Music Exam board- Has exam fee.

  • Graded Exam: Student will be assessed on theory and technique, which includes sight reading and performance. There are a total of 8 grades.

  • Performance Certificate: For those who do not want any theory or sight reading, this is the best option as it lets you record 5 songs in one go and upload it to the exam site for it to be reviewed. Please note that this is at par with the graded exam.

These exams are conducted twice a year and student will be able to appear for both exams. The student also has the option to appear for any grade if they have the required knowledge and skill.

For e.g You can go directly to Grade 3 or finish Grade 1 and 2 and then jump to Grade 5.

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