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Keyboard & Piano

What you will learn

1.Introduction to the Basic Music Course

2.Learning about Beats and Rhythm      

  • Counting the Beats        

  • The Time Signature       

  • Time and Tempo            

  • The Downbeat 

3.Learning about Notes and Rhythm     

  • Using Rhythmic Names for Notes            

  • Practicing the Rhythmic Names 

  • Combining Notes of Different Rhythms 

4.The Keyboard 

  • Playing by Finger Numbers        

  • Practicing Notes and Finger Numbers    

5.The Staff        

  • Matching Notes on the Staff with

  • White Keys on the Keyboard     


  • Sharps 

  • Flats     

  • Naturals            

7.The Key Signature

8.Playing with Both Hands

9. Keyboard Skills          

  • Chording           

  • Reading Chord Symbols

  • Using the Chord Chart  

  • Fingering           

  • Learning to Play an Organ or Electronic Keyboard           

Exams: We offer syllabus from Trinity as well as Rockschool London and help prepare you for the graded exams respectively.

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